Prickly Pear Pie

We harvest wild prickly pear cactus fruit–traditionally called “la tuna” in Mexico, parts of Texas and the Southwest—when fruits ripen in our pastures during late summer and fall. Harvest involves body armor—snake boots, long pants, gloves, bbq tongs, snake-scaring sticks, five-gallon buckets and a few friends or willing kids. Next, each fruit is individually scrubbed with scouring pads to remove stubborn cactus pricks and debris. Finally, we render the juice. Despite many methods employed through the years to do so, all produce the same results: a kitchen that resembles a murder scene, and brilliant magenta juice, rich in vitamins and antioxidants. With this rich juice, we make jellies, pies, syrups, bbq sauces, drinks, marinades and more.

Pie options:
Small 3” pie, graham cracker crust
Small 3” pie, pecan crust (paleo/gluten-free)
Regular sized pie, graham cracker crust:
Regular sized pie, pecan crust (paleo/gluten-free)
*all come in tin pie pans; glass pie pan additional $5.